Using CSS to Improve Your Website Design

Have you ever asked yourself what a web page is? In other words, have you ever really thought about its fundamental and basic purpose? Well, there are those who believe that a web page is a visual medium, which is fundamentally pleasing and may contain content or no content that is of interest to that viewer; while others think of it as a virtual document that must have valuable information.

Well, neither are wrong, but these viewpoints are not entirely correct. A web page consists of up to three layers. These are:

  • HTML which is the content. The content is always present, and it is that which the writer intends to communicate to the audience. This material is embedded within XHTML or HTML markup, which defines its structure and semantics.
  • CSS, which is the presentation. This is what defines how the content will appear to those accessing the document. The straight way to which content or web pages would appear is through a regular web browser. This is one of the many possible access methods.
  • JavaScript, which is the behavior. This involves the way a user will interact with the document in real-time.

It is quite clear that Cascading Style Sheets or CSS give you more control over the appearance of a web page, from the viewpoint of a web designer, than of the browser designer or the page viewer. This is something we do a lot with our clients and as can be seen on our own site at – web design Las Vegas.

How CSS Will Help Improve Web Design

CSS is a style language which defines the layout of HTML documents. It can be used to cover fonts, background images, width, height, lines, margins, colors, advanced positions and much more.

  1. One of the best aspects of CSS is that it saves time. What does this mean? It only means that the same sheet can be reused in multiple HTML pages. At the same time, you can define a style for each HTML element as well as apply it on as many web pages as you want.
  2. Because CSS can be used in multiple pages, it will help improve your website’s loading time. This is because it reduces the number of codes used, which means fast loading time.
  3. Making changes can be a challenging task especially if you have used XHTML or HTML tag attributes. However, this task becomes easier if you use CSS codes. What does this translate to? Well, it will make website maintenance easier.
  4. If your website is your source of income, then CSS is what you should use, and this is because of global web standards. Today, HTML attributes are being deprecated, and it is recommended for all website owners to use CSS in all their HTML pages to make the site compatible with future browsers.
  5. Another advantage of using CSS is Offline Browsing. CSS has the ability to store website applications locally through the assistance of offline caching. This benefit will give your web users the ability to view your web page even when they are offline. The cache will also ensure fast loading time and therefore improve your overall user experience and web performance.
  6. Apart from improving user experience, it does offer consistent medium independence and can be supported by the latest browsers.

Danny Ericsen

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